Golden beaches, picturesque white villages nestled in the mountains, breathtaking landscapes bathed in the sun and the sea. This is Andalucia, a corner of the world rich in art and culture, with a culinary tradition that will leave your mouth watering. More than 15 years have passed since I settled here.


My passion for jamón started long before I settled down permanently in Spain. It couldn't have been any other way...

I remember my first contact with Iberian acorn ham as though it were yesterday. It was a summer night, in one of those typical Sevillian bars in the old city. Manolo, a cheerful waiter of slight stature, dexterously cut thin slices of ham as though he were playing a violin. It was a joy to watch him work. My palate shared in this delight as I tasted for the first time a delicacy that I would never forget. Every time I remember that evening, my mouth begins to water.


“A gem, an authentic delicacy that has the power to drive us wild”


It might surprise you, but not all Spanish hams are created equal when it comes to flavour and quality. Many of the small, family businesses that produced their hams artisanally with love and care have been forced to give way to industrial producers. Driven by competition, and above all by the desire to earn greater and greater profits, they are flooding the market with cheap, low quality hams. At the end of the day, it is food lovers like ourselves who ultimately lose out.

To separate the wheat from the chaff, and bring only the finest hams to the table, we make regular culinary journeys with the goal of finding this gem, this authentic delicacy that has the power to drive us wild. We want you to be able to enjoy it free from care!


Pieter and the Gastroiberico team