• Sliced Grain-fed Iberian Ham (cebo)

    Delicious Iberian ham from grain-fed (cebo) pigs, ready to be eaten.  Enjoy paper-thin slices of grain-fed ham, freshly hand-cut by our master ham slicers.

       3 rating(s)
  • Sliced Premium Iberian Acorn Ham

    Widely considered the finest ham in the world, hand cut in paper-thin slices by our master slicers and shipped directly to your table to enjoy for any occasion. It's not surprising that this is our most popular product. [read more]

       19 rating(s)
  • Premium Iberian Acorn Ham

    The highest grade of Spanish ham.  To tell an authentic jamón de bellota apart from other Spanish hams, you don't need to be an expert on the subject. Its intense aroma immediately lets you know that this is no ordinary ham.[read more]

       10 rating(s)
  • Pack: "Savouring Spanish Ham, all included"

    This starterskit includes everything necessary to start enjoying a good Iberian ham. Whether it's an original gift to surprise a loved one or close friend or a special treat for yourself, this pack will make anyone happy.

       27 rating(s)
  • Spanish champion pro ham knife

    This special edition ham knife was used by José Manuel Hidalgo when he was proclaimed champion of Spain 2014-2015 in the prestigious national ham slicing competition.  This knife was crucial to his success, and to celebrate he has collaborated with the manufacturer to release this limited edition engraved by the master himself.

       3 rating(s)
  • Spanish Grain-fed Iberian Ham

    Rear leg of Iberian pork with a minimum curing time of 24 months. This jamón de cebo de campo (fed with natural forage and grains) has an aroma that dazzles everyone who tries it.Why do we love this Spanish ham so much? [read more]

       3 rating(s)
  • Boneless Iberian Bellota Ham

    Delicious acorn-fed Iberian ham, ready to be cut into thin slices with a slicing machine. After curing for no less than 36 months, this ham has been deboned and vacuum sealed.

       2 rating(s)
  • Premium Iberian Acorn-fed Shoulder

    According to our customers, a true gem. Unmistakable quality combined with a reasonable price make this one of our star products. A mandatory purchase for all true food-lovers.[read more]

       32 rating(s)
  • Cured Acorn-fed Iberian Pork Loin

    The most noble cut, from the finest breed of pig (Iberian), and of the highest quality (acorn-fed): this is one way to describe one of our star products: cured acorn-fed Iberian pork loin (lomo).[read more]

       4 rating(s)
  • Premium Grain-fed Iberian Shoulder (cebo)

    A true gem of Spanish gastronomy, with excellent value.[read more]

       12 rating(s)

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