• Professional Ham Knife

    Magnificent knife for cutting Serrano or Iberian hams. You don't need to be a professional to enjoy a good Spanish ham. What is essential, though, is good equipment. This knife won't let you down.

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    39,30 €
  • Set: Ham knife + sharpening steel

    With this package, cutting ham will be a piece of cake. Kit packed in a beautiful box includes:  Flexible 25cm ham knife Sharpening steel to keep the knife razor-sharp

  • Semi-Pro JP Ham Stand

    An innovative and functional ham stand with a carefully designed aesthetic at an unbeatable price.[read more]

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  • Basic Ham Holder Gondola

    Beautiful ham stand carved from top quality Galician pine. To start cutting Spanish ham, the first things you need are a good knife and a ham stand that provides plenty of stability. Our Gondola model is one of our most popular stands because it provides great value and it can be used for cutting both shoulders and hams.

       18 rating(s)
  • Spanish champion pro ham knife

    This special edition ham knife was used by José Manuel Hidalgo when he was proclaimed champion of Spain 2014-2015 in the prestigious national ham slicing competition.  This knife was crucial to his success, and to celebrate he has collaborated with the manufacturer to release this limited edition engraved by the master himself.

       6 rating(s)
  • Deluxe Ham Stand

    This ham stand from Afinox is a the real deal for anyone who values elegance, function, quality and durability.Its unique system allows you to arrange the ham in whatever position is most convenient. Additionally, thanks to its revolutionary revolving attachment, the ham can instantly rotate 360º without the need to remove and replace it.

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