• Cured Iberian acorn-fed pork sausage

    A delicious cured sausage made from select cuts of pork from acorn-fed Iberian pigs.  The difference between premium cured meats and ordinary ones lies in far more than just their price. A range of details, all equally important, determine if the final product is merely mediocre or truly exceptional.

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  • Iberian Acorn-fed Chorizo Sausage

    The key to our Iberian acorn-fed chorizo lies in the careful way the farmer raises the pigs. They live and graze freely in the extensive Andalusian dehesas, a unique pasture ecosystem found only in southern Spain. Here the pigs feed on natural plants and acorns. These acorns are what give the meat of the Iberian pig an incomparable level of quality.

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  • Cured Acorn-fed Iberian Pork Loin

    The most noble cut, from the finest breed of pig (Iberian), and of the highest quality (acorn-fed): this is one way to describe one of our star products: cured acorn-fed Iberian pork loin (lomo).[read more]

       9 rating(s)

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