It is considered to be the finest ham in the world. But what makes it so special?


Bellotas / eikeltjes

The acorn is the fruit of the holm and cork oaks. What makes it so special is its high content of oleic acid, just like olive oil. "Acorn ham" refers to those pieces that come from Iberian pigs that have grazed in total freedom in the Mediterranean pastures and have eaten acorns during at least 4 months. They can eat up to 10kg of acorns per day!

It is these acorns that give the meat of the Iberian pig its unique flavor and aroma that is capable of conquering even the most demanding palates.

Intramuscular fat

The Iberian pig has meat that is highly marbled with fat. That is to say, the fat is stored in thin strips within the muscles themselves. This marbling, combined with the properties that come from a diet of acorns, helps achieve a very succulent meat. Thanks to this succulence and fat, the pieces require a considerably longer curing phase, during which their exceptional flavor and aroma slowly develop.